The map shows a dashboard display of the spatial spread of Covid-19 in the country and based on county statistics. The left panel presents pie chart graph of the number of detected cases by gender and a bar graph showing the counties with the highest confirmed cases. The main map section shows the total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases per county with absolute analysis (Total number of confirmed infections per county) and per capita analysis per county (the ratio of infections to a population of 1 Million). The map section has sliders that help in resizing the bubble symbol in the map.The graph section at the bottom of the map is dynamic and has the daily timeline series of the both the confirmed cases and death cases in a line graph representation. This supports visualization of the trend of Covid-19 spreading in Kenya. When the daily change button is toggled, the graph displays the daily infection change in a bar graph. A selection of a county will render the graph to the trend of the confirmed case statistics for that county. The graph is responsive, each click on the timeline series in turn changes the map content in accordance with the number of infections recorded on the date clicked: Explore the application here