The web map presents the distribution of the enumerated population by sex and the number of households in the 2019 census. The data was obtained from the Kenya Population and Housing Census (KPHC) conducted in August 2019 whose custodian is the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS). The main objectives of the 2019 KPHC were to collect information on the population size, educational attainment, household composition, levels of fertility and mortality, rate and pattern of urbanization, size and deployment of the labor force, household amenities, and agricultural indicators. One of the major uses of this information was for research purposes. In this case, we are utilizing the data in research through demographic mapping in the 47 counties with the Corvid-19 spread. It helps to give the visualization and mapping of the concentration of the Covid-19 detected cases, number of deaths, and number of recoveries including where the infections have taken place at the County level.The data was compiled in dbase/Excel based spatial attribute tables and integrated with the Kenya County shapefile in ArcMap 10.6. The processed data was uploaded to Kenyatta University ArcGIS Online platform for visualization and spatial analysis. It consists of different attributes i.e. County Name, total population (total population, male, female, and intersex), Total Number of Households, Total Convention Households, Total Group Quarters, Area of each County in Km2, and Population Density. A Pie Chart showing the Gender ratio per County is also presented. The pie chart dark brown color represents females while the dark blue color represents the male population. The color of the counties from the darkest to the lightest represents the highest and lowest population n densities for the Counties

The first dot in the bottom represents the total population in the 47 counties both the Total Male and Total Females. The second dot represents the total number of Intersex, Number of Households and Number of Convention Households and the Total Group Quarters. The third dot represents the total area of the 47 counties in Km2 and the Population Density. To access the statistics for your County simply click on the county polygon or search for your County using the Search Glass – Access the Application here