The web map displays the location and distribution of identified and inspected isolation facilities that are being used in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic in Kenya. Most of the facilities are boarding facilities in Education institutions and centres, hospitals and health facilities, and hotels with hospitality facilities located in various parts of the country. The isolation facilities are for the purpose of separating and restricting movement of the individuals who may have come into contact with confirmed Covid-19 infected persons or may have travelled from abroad. Among the identified isolation centres, 68 of them spread across 40 counties with a total bed capacity of 1451 have been declared under the Medical Practitioners & Dentists Act Cap 253 Section 5 (3) (j) as suitable to offer support as government supported backup facilities for confirmed cases . The list was released by the Kenya Health Professions Oversight Authority (KHPOA) after a joint inspection by health regulatory authorities: REF: KMPDC/COVID19/22Vol I/32.

The isolation facilities are all presented in Red points with those inspected presented in Blue points on the image Web Map. To view the Blue Points of inspected facilities, one needs to swipe the Glass Bar running across the image towards the left. Tap on the points to view the details of the isolation facilities: Explore the application here